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2023 September 16th Nordic Optical Telescope time awarded to my proposed observing program on obscured AGN environments, where I am the Principal Investigator. Proposal id 67-022. Observing now!

2023 June 12th NOW! Seeking a suitable postdoctoral research position or fellowship in Astronomy/Astrophysics. Contact me, [email protected], to discuss a potential opportunity to collaborate. I aim to graduate from the PhD program by the end of 2023.

2023 April My second first-author publication is out with ApJ, thankful for all collaborators and useful discussions. Link here. We used the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) Spectroscopic survey to look at the environments around quasars at low-redshift.

2023 March Received extension to external funding for writing up my thesis in Astronomy full-time, from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. So grateful for all those who supported my application.

2022 November I wrote a blog with some tips on how to juggle things, especially as a mom and a doctoral student in astronomy (big thanks to editors). It is published on the “Women in Astronomy” blog space maintained by the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

Tips to Manage Your Research Projects in Tumultuous Moments of Life

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