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Maria Babakhanyan Stone, Doctoral student

NOW! Seeking a suitable postdoctoral research position or fellowship in Astronomy.

University of Turku

Department of Physics and Astronomy

email: [email protected]

Curriculum vitae (CV)

Refereed and Accepted publications (ads)

Relevant publications (ads)

Research interests:

  • Evolution of galaxies
  • Environments around AGN-host galaxies
  • SMBH-host galaxy correlations at different redshifts

List of tips to solve research problems

So you got a research problem. As years of being a researcher went by, I am more calm when problems arise, as I am familiar a bit more about the process of finding solutions, and am familiar more also with myself. Here are some tips in solving research-related...

Short description of noticing lack of credit for Emmy Noether’s (a female mathematician) groundbreaking work in a textbook

June 19th, 2023, Helsinki Maria Babakhanyan STONE I love reading astronomy books. I love the topic of astronomy, but today as I reached a section in mid-chapter, I had a frown of disappointment. I reported it in the short twitter chain, but repeat this here for future...

Coding examples

Preface I grew up in a house parented by programmers. Yes, both my parents went to get Bachelor's degrees in physics and math and in programming (computational sciences) in Tbilisi, Georgia. And I think my father went further ahead with his education, but I still have...

Looking at galaxies on your computer

I posted on my Twitter a snapshot of few amazing galaxies, and someone asked about their distances. I had the coordinates for these galaxies, so I could use the SDSS Navigate tool to see if the...

installing the pipeline to reduce FORS2 data

Follow @Maria_Science I have some FORS2 spectroscopic data and need to get tools to reduce it. From the FORS2 page,, I navigate to the “Manuals”,...

Volunteering in Armenia

I come to be by your side, Armenia, at this time, with you to walk however briefly, and help rebuild, strengthen, and revive the hope During the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, yet another even more horrible fate fell on the shoulders of Armenians, as Azerbaijan and...

Travel Report – Presentation at the International Conference “Active Galaxies and Quasars” dedicated to M. A. Arakelian’s 90th anniversary (2019)

Maria Babakhanyan Stone This is a conference on the topic of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) which took place in the Byurakan Observatory, Armenia in 2019.  I was thrilled to be accepted to the conference to present my PhD research. Unfortunately, my travels did not...

Navigating the Sky Above the Clouds

Travel Account of Research Trip by Maria Babakhanyan Stone On August 14th, 2017, when I left the San José/ San Francisco Bay Area / Sacramento region of California to pursue a PhD research program in Astronomy in Turku Finland, studying under...

Tandem Finnish Language Learning Diary

(Language and Culture Tandem) by Maria Babakhanyan Stone 10/14/2017 I met my tandem partner (for privacy, her name is H). She seems nice. We didn't speak Finnish yet. Hopefully next time I will not be shy and we can speak some Finnish :). 10/27/2017 - 2nd Tandem...
Image Credits: Telescope by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project

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